how to spot fake louboutins

Most fake Louboutin websites aren't honest enough to show you pictures of the actual shoes you are going to be buying, most just steal images from legitimate websites like Net-a-Porter and Saks. Here's a guide to spotting fake Louboutins.

the packaging
  • China: China is a hotpot of counterfeit activity, and if the 'Louboutins' you've ordered have come from China (obvious from postmarks/labels on the packaging), it's likely you have got fakes
  • Shoebox and dustbag: The boxes and dustbags used by Louboutin are good quality, so if they feel cheap and nasty, consider whether the shoes inside are fake
  • Smells: If you open the box and a smell of glue hits you, it's likely they're fake
the devil's in the detail
On the left, real Louboutin Clou Noeud peeptoes, on the right, fakes

Compare the two shoes above. The left is real, the right is fake. The attention to detail is what separates Louboutin from cheaper shoes, and here if you look closely you can see the difference. 

You can see on the fake that the arrangement of the studs is different, the studs are not as sharp and the pattern made by them (particularly towards the top) is completely different. On the Louboutin they're neat and tidy, they're equidistant from each other - on the fake, they're not.

On the left, real Louboutin Almeria espadrilles, on the right, fakes

Compare details such as the ends of straps (curved on the real thing, straight on the fakes), and how different straps meet/cross each other (on the fakes you can see where the three straps meet it's far more curved). 

size matters

On the left, real Louboutin Ambertina sandals, on the right, fakes

A lot of inaccuracies in measurements and dimensions are visible at a glance. On the above example you can see how fundamental details such as the distance between the straps vary. Not only is this a massive giveaway to the authenticity of the shoe, but it also totally alters the fit/comfort of the shoe.

On the left, real Louboutin Tigresse espadrilles, on the right, fakes

Often prints are a huge give away. It's important to note that sometimes the print can vary slightly from shoe-to-shoe and from season-to-season. But a fake is often easy to spot. In the above example you can see the zebra stripes are more dense and run vertically, while on the right the stripes run horizontally.
On the left, real Louboutin Maggie pumps, on the right, fakes

Another similar example. Note the line between the navy and the lighter-coloured upper - on the Louboutin it is straight, on the fake it is curved.

if a job's worth doing...
On the left, real Louboutin Romaine sandals, on the right, fakes

Louboutins have a lot of technical details on them. Detail like this costs money, and it's money that fraudsters don't want to spend, so any corner they can cut, they do. The piped leather straps on the left are nice and cylindrical, while on the fake, right, they're flat, crinkled and lifeless.

On the left, real Louboutin Big Lips pumps, on the right, fakes

Another example of just how unconvincing fakes can be. Often you wouldn't know this until the fake box arrives from China, you remove them from their fake dustbag and then when it comes to returning them, the fraudsters will conveniently have problems receiving/replying to your emails.

shapes and silhouettes
On the left, real Louboutin Bianca pumps, on the right fakes

The silhouette of a shoe is often a massive giveaway, but it can also be very difficult to spot sometimes. The above example is a ridiculously cynical attempt to copy Louboutin's popular Bianca pump, and shares very little in common with the shoe it has copied. The heel height, platform style, toe shape, and entire silhouette of the shoe are miles off. Although most examples aren't as obvious as this, if there aren't clear shots of the shoe that you're going to be buying from which to make a comparison, then avoid.

On the left, the buckle from a real Louboutin Toundra, on the right, a buckle from a fake

On a similar theme to the devil being in the detail, make sure buckles, studs and any other hardware is as illustrated on websites like Net-a-Porter and the official Louboutin website. Look at my list of real Louboutin websites and many have high-quality images you can zoom right in on for comparison


Finally, the stitching on Louboutins is of supreme quality. Each stitch is straight, equal in length, and runs tidily along the edge of seams. On fakes, the stitching will be of poor quality, will be wobbly, and not inline with seams.

but it might not be fake if...
  • The red sole is a different shade: Believe it or not, you cannot tell whether a Louboutin is authentic just by looking at the colour of a sole. It does actually vary from shoe-to-shoe. I have dozens of Louboutins and their soles often vary in colour; some are a more orangy shade, and some a richer, darker shade of red
  • The 'Louboutin' stamp on the sole/insole is different: Louboutins are hand made and often different stamps are used for the indented stamp on the sole (this is never printed, though) and the gold embossed print on the in-sole. The font and even logo can vary, but you do get a sixth sense in time as to what is fake and what is not. The stamp should always be sharp and the ink not smudged, however.


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    Will someone please take a look at these and tell me if they are authentic. All the research I have done point to yes. BUT I would love a second opinion. The box kind of throws me off a little. the word PARIS isn't close to the LOUBOUTIN, it's toward the corner of the box which I read is a fake. HELP!

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  4. are selling fakes. They are advertising on Facebook. The shoes are terrible, smell like mould and refuse to refund, well, not all your money anyway! They say you can send the shoes back at a cost of $35, also pay 20% tax and you'd end up with 60%of your money. I'll be selling them on as fakes as the sizing is also at least one size smaller than they should be.